Yuri Ancarani (b. 1972) is an Italian filmmaker and video artist who in his documentaries delves deep into obscure subjects, at least from the art world point of view: highly specialized occupations, day-to-day drudgery, the synchronicity of man and machine, even if their composition, focus and aesthetic qualities give them a heady, dream-like quality. His films are exceptionally visual, allowing ample time and space for images in carefully constructed arrangements that follow each other in rhythmic breaths. Ancarani has received several awards during his career and has been noted for his various talents. His works have been screened at numerous film festivals, art and architecture events and in museums. The fact that his films are so incredibly visual makes them also highly interesting from the perspective of contemporary art.

Šef / Il Capo / The Chief / (Yuri Ancarani, Italija, 2010, 15′)

Ploščad Luna / Piattaforma Luna / Platform moon (Yuri Ancarani, Italija, 2011, 26′)

Da Vinci (Yuri Ancarani, Italija, 2013, 25′)

San Siro (Yuri Ancarani, Italija, 2014, 26′)