FeKK Off: Youtube – #venia viral video hommage

If we, half-jokingly and half-seriously, agree with the brash hypothesis that YouTube – with its uncontrollable and uncurated contents, with its endless number of videos being uploaded and then consumed by hundreds of millions of users from all over the world on a daily basis, in unimaginable and exponentially-growing numbers of terrabytes, with its endless generating of numerous viral internet phenomenons, that have been inserting themselves in pop-culture and collective imaginaria – can also be seen as a reflection of the unconscious of a certain country, then, we might as well acknowledge that it is a phenomenon that deserves to be – half-seriously and half-jokingly – analysed and discussed in depth.

By presenting a selection of the best-known domestically produced viral videohits, scraped off the bottom of the deepest pits of YouTube, we therefore expect to hold a playful mirror up to our social reality – in the entirety of its political, media, spectacle, educational, ethnographic, humorous and probably several other dimensions, including our pathologies of the everyday. YouTube as a window into the Slovenian world!