Instant cult: IGOR BEZINOVIĆ

The Director behind the Image on the Silver Screen

Peter Cerovšek

FeKK festival director, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Igor Bezinović is part of the younger generation of Croatian auteurs, who have been recently drawing attention to themselves with their exceptionally mature and original works, which have also become festival darlings. Born in Rijeka, he studied comparative literature, sociology and philosophy in Zagreb, where he also finished his film direction studies at the Academy of dramatic art.

Igor is a director whose presence is consistently felt through the image on the silver screen. The sound and the image in his films only realise their true meaning after having been projected through the last filter – which is Bezinović himself. This is when the film forms its heart and its character fully, both composed from playful framing and editing, oddball narrators and a heaping pile of humour. Based in the documentary approach, he nevertheless keeps blending both fiction and documentary; his shorts are based on the principle of quick responses, on “action-reaction”, on the spontaneous events molded by his evident directorial interventions into a specific documentaristic fatamorgana. On the other hand, his fiction films resist the conventional narrative with an underlined naturalism, stemming from the environment familiar to him: the Croatian Istria, with unschooled actors and by shunning the practice of screenplay and dialogue writing.

In addition to the many awards received for his shorts (including the main award at last year’s FeKK), Igor Bezinović has recently won a Golden Arena for his debut fiction feature at the Pula film festival.



Letni kino Slovenske kinoteke na Muzejski ploščadi Metelkova

Hitro, v Kranjsko goro! / Brzo, u kranjsku goru! / Quick, to Kranjska gora! (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2007, 1′)

Cartolina de Momjan 2 (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2013, 3′)

Dom je kjer je srce / Dom je tamo gdje je srce / Home is where the heart is (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2013, 4′)

Čekanje / Čakanje / Waiting (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2014, 3′)

Pedri / Pederi / Dickheads (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2013, 13′)

Veruda: film o Bojanu / Veruda: Film o Bojanu / Veruda: A film about Bojan (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2015, 34′),

Kierkegaard (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2014, 4′)

Od Kršana do Peroja / From Kršan to Peroj (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2015, 7′)

Benjamin (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2015, 3′)

Zelo kratek izlet / Vrlo kratki izlet / A very brief excursion (Igor Bezinović, Hrvaška, 2014, 15′)