FeKK 2016 - Ljubljana short film festival

FeKK Ljubljana short film festival will float around this August in the spirit of hot shorts! Competition programme of fresh films made in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, retrospectives of proclaimed authors, matinees for the kids, workshops, lectures, hang outs, concerts and a lot of good old fun!



Twenty-one short films will be competing for the title of the Slovenian winner. FeKK also presents a perfect chance for these directors to exchange new ideas, establish new connections and have a look at the foreign film production.


Works of authors from the countries of ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro) are competing in the international FeKK competition program.


Yuri Ancarani (b. 1972) is an Italian filmmaker and video artist who in his documentaries delves deep into obscure subjects, at least from the art world point of view: highly specialized occupations, day-to-day drudgery, the synchronicity of man and machine, even if their composition, focus and aesthetic qualities give them a heady, dream-like quality. His […]

Visiting festival: Venice

A selection of shorts from last year’s Venice Film Festival curated by Enrico Vannucci.

Carte blanche/Instant kult: Chema Garcia Ibarra

Chema García Ibarra (1980, Elche, Spain) is one of the most original and bright young talents of his generation. His weird, low-budget, effects-free science fiction short films have conquered programmers, critics and spectators all around the planet Earth. Chema García Ibarra is an alien. He’s a great filmmaker, too. He was selected to more than […]


EFA – SHORT MATTERS! introduces some of the best European short films that in 2015 were competing for the European Film Awards, the counterpart of the American Oscars, nominated by the European Film Academy (EFA). In 2016, the programme is touring a series of festivals around the world, such as Tampere, Bucharest, Oberhausen, Pula, Palić, […]

FeKK Off: Youtube – #venia viral video hommage

If we, half-jokingly and half-seriously, agree with the brash hypothesis that YouTube – with its uncontrollable and uncurated contents, with its endless number of videos being uploaded and then consumed by hundreds of millions of users from all over the world on a daily basis, in unimaginable and exponentially-growing numbers of terrabytes, with its endless […]

Matinée: Through The Eyes Of A Child

This year’s matinée is brought to you in cooperation with the Slovene film Archives, presenting a selection of the most noteworthy short family films by proclaimed Slovene filmmakers. The younger part of the audience will have the opportunity to take a peek at the childhood of their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers; and although times are […]



Born 1976 in Villach, Austria, he started to experiment with video in his youth. He is the founder and director of K3 Film Festival, which puts the focus on short and feature films from the neighbouring regions of Slovenia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy and Carinthia, Austria. Since 2016 he is also the head of a repertory cinema in Villach.


Is active in the fields of film and contemporary art practices. She graduated at the School of Arts in Nova Gorica and then upgrated her knowledge at the Prague FAMU and Portugal ESAD. She works as a multimedia artist. With her installations, short films and videos, she is a regular guest at galleries, festivals and cinemas. As a mentor she participates in film education work shops.


Works as short film advisor at Venice Film Festival. Furthermore he collaborates with Haifa Film Festival, ViaEmili@DocFest and Torino Short Film Market as short film programmer. Previously he worked as director at Ozu Film Festival. He has also written essays regarding the short and feature film festival ecosystem. Moreover as a journalist he has been covering major film festivals since 2009.


The Best of FeKK Award

Kratki obiteljski film (A Short Family Film)

Igor Bezinović

For its innovative approach to documentary, combining a compelling aesthetics to a charming storytelling, revealing a very Balkan soul, the Best of FEKK Award goes to A short family film by Igor Bezinović.

The Best of FeKK YU Award

Svetski rekorderi (Backwards)

Nikola Zdravković

For a naturalistic approach to its characters as well as the commitment of its actors to a strong personal and introverse story, the best Ex-YU Award goes to Backwards by Nikola Zdravković.

The Best of FeKK SLO Award


Maja Prelog, Blaž Murn

For its architectural aesthetics accompanied by a peculiar soundscape leaving the audience in a timeless space, the best Slovenian Award goes to 2045 by Maja Prelog and Blaž Murn.

Special Jury Mention


Miha Lihkar

For sharing the storytelling with its main unanimated character - the gallery - through a picture composition specifically intended to blend reality and art, the Jury Mention goes to Vis-a-vis by Miha Likar.



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